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Who We Are ?

Lay N Spray Decors specialises in a wide range of painting, decorating & granite laying services for domestic and business related markets in Chennai, TamilNadu. We are one of the leading decors in Chennai. We ensures that each job is properly prepared to ensure that every client receives the highest quality job in the industry.

At Lay N Spray Decors we want people to feel good about the buildings where they work and live. We achieve this by providing easy, affordable and innovative painting programmes to domestic and business customers that place value on a high standard of appearance and maintenance of their buildings.

Developed and refined over a period of 25 years, our approach on painting & granite laying have been designed to enable customers to achieve a high standard of presentation for their properties, while avoiding a large cost.

If you have a requirement for Interior Wall Painting, Exterior Wall Painting, Interior & Exterior Design, Wall Texture, Wall Paneling, Granite and Marble Flooring, Granite Kitchen Top, Granite Table Top, Kids Room Design don't think, just give us a call and we will take of the rest.

When you hire us, you are hiring a professional painting contractor that understands the business and meet your needs.

What We Do ?

We offer a comprehensive range of service:

Interior Wall Painting

Exterior Wall Painting

Interior & Exterior Design

Wall Texture

Wall Paneling

Granite and Marble Flooring

Granite Kitchen Top

Granite Table Top

Kids Room Design










Why Lay N Spray Decors ?

We are one of the leading Painting contractor in Chennai and our owner Mr.G.Kasinathan has 25 years of experience in this field.

Painting is more than just applying paint to the surface. We evaluate the existing conditions and recommend the best surface preparation and finish product to provide a longer lasting finish.

Free No Obligation Quotation

We offer a FREE no obligation quotation and provide advice and direction on colour schemes and technical matters involving the service we provide.

Certified Applicator

We are Asian Paints certified authorized applicator.


All of our employees are fully trained and we make sure our employees attend frequent training sessions conducted by leading Paint companies on their new products to keep them up-to-date on the latest in the market.

Latest Techonology

We use latest technology like Jet Spray Machine, Laser Measure etc., to bring down the cost and improve quality and precision in the work that we do.

Insured Work force

All our work force are fully insured to give you complete peace of mind.


We are committed to promote and maintain our environmental policy to ensure that the impact of our operatives upon the environment is reduced to as low as level as practicable. We only use products which are Volatile Organic Compound Safe. Some ingredients used in paints to enhance functional and aesthetic appeal. Being volatile these ingredients are released in the air during the paint drying process and might cause harmful effects to the environment such as ozone depletion. These may also cause breathing difficulty, irritation of eyes etc.

Quality Assurance

An effective quality management system is operated within the company and maintained by management and fully trained supervisors ensure we keep the quality of work we do to the highest in the Industry.

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